Press Work

As a photographer there are a seemingly infinite number of disciplines one can master. Finding what you like, works out for you and you are good at can be quite the task. I think a good way of approaching this is thinking whether you want your images to achieve something or if you want to achieve images. For example press work and fashion photography are inherently different in these aspects. I see myself more as a storyteller than a crafter of images. Of course I enjoy technically challenging projects, studio work and other things- I just don't do them to a level where I would call them my specialty. 

By keeping this mix fresh and experimenting you ultimately find the things that work for you, you enjoy and you are good at. At least that is what I like to think and how I go about this. 

Over the last couple of years I have been getting more and more into the idea of shooting images that tell stories and are relevant to more than just a few people. 

I think what got me hooked were the assignments I did for a blog called Kopf um Krone and the people I got to meet there, even only for a short time. Being able to sit in the interview and hear first hand what these people talked about and how they do it is inspiring. Even though I might not agree with everything said (sometimes because of a lack of understanding maybe, sometimes because of different views) the topics discussed and the people discussing them keep me thinking about these things.

Seeing how some articles and topics gain traction is something that motivates me even more, I like to think that I helped further discourse in society in my way, even just a bit.