My Heart Belongs to Those Who Wish to Tell a Story

In this field you struggle. I'm not talking about bills or taxes or even clients who don't pay up or straight up rip you off. I'm talking about meaning. There is some point in life (I don't think this applies exclusively to photography) where the rush of getting the technique right and having some clients wears off and then... what?

Well, there's different ways of looking at this. Some people might have a very straight forward approach and say this is nothing more than a job, job's going well, quit worrying. Good for you, if you are like that. I am not, I try to reflect and transcend. Or I'm just an overthinker that's always seeking to optimize, what do I know. 
I have found myself questioning my work over the past year quite a lot. That might be because I had been doing tons of promotional work that never saw a lot of usage and even did not get paid... but that is a whole different story, which won't be discussed here. 
It is a very human desire to find meaning in what we do, I think. And therefore I do. 

There probably is no such thing as a recipe on how to live your life to be a happy person working in the creative industry... but there are some tools that really helped me find out what I was lacking and where I should start looking. 

The first step for me was to do more personal projects and stepping out of my comfort zone. Portraiture was hard for me, I don't know why though. I get along with people, but they just seemed to stiffen up in front of my camera. That was the thing I tackled first. The second step was to go over all my old work again and think about what I liked shooting and what not, then analyzing what I liked about certain assignment.

And it really comes down to one thing: the more I get to tell a story, the more satisfying it feels. This approach can be applied to any sort of reportage, which was already my main field. So you see a bit of a change in mind set and reflecting about past work can really show you where you need to go with your work. And also I realized not all my photography should be strictly 'work' and therefore shoot more free portrait sessions- also to get out of my comfort zone. 

In the end this has led me to shooting more Weddings... where the content and the vibes come together perfectly. Crafting memories for people in love- who wouldn't dig that!? 

And therefore my favourite projects at the moment are anything related to stories. One of my favourite recent assignments, where we got to tell a story: 

For more projects like this, please visit, a project by Cathrin- Theres Zimmermann which I am involved in. I love working with Cathy and am loking forward to our upcoming project in two weeks!